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Open Road Brands Product Offerings

Have you heard? This March select Cadillac dealers across the country will begin offering two new matte paint finishes. Silver Frost and Stealth Blue will be the new matte paint finishes making their mark this year. The new custom matte paint finishes Silver Frost and Stealth Blue will be available on the Cadillac CTS Coupe and V-Series product lines.


So what’s your preference . . . matte or glossy paint? This seems to be one of the hottest upcoming trends whether it’s for your car, your iPhone case or the walls in your home.

Hearing about new product development features from Cadillac such as new matte paint finishes just adds more inspiration to our bucket of product development ideas. We here at Open Road Brands love to see how our favorite brands grow and evolve with the ever-changing culture. If it weren’t for new product growth and expanded features and changes within the Cadillac line of automobiles, then we might not be able to truly appreciate vintage Cadillac’s and all the timeless features they had back in the day. Sometimes just seeing how a brand like Cadillac has evolved and grown makes us hold on ever that much more tightly to the vintage brands of the past. Which is just another reason why we like to develop product that pays tribute to classic brands like Cadillac and their heritage.

                                  Embossed Tin Sign - Cadillac 12184097


Here is one of our vintage inspired Cadillac embossed tin signs. This round blue tin sign reads Cadillac Service and would add that perfect touch to any garage, family room, office, man cave, or other living area. This ready to hang tin sign measures 16” diameter and features the iconic Cadillac emblem on the center of the sign.

By showcasing classic brands like Cadillac in your living space, you can revive your space and make it feel more personal. Start by adding tins signs and other wall decor that feature classic brands that mean the most to you. What brands bring back the best memories? What brands remind you of a simple, slower-paced time? What brands just bring a smile to your face and make you feel good? These are the great feelings and memories that we here at Open Road Brands hope to invoke in people. We strive to work with classic brands that have made an impact in our culture and our lives.

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Accent décor with these assorted lightweight and easy to hang Baseball Card Tin Signs that are sure to make a statement in any room.

Size: 12" x 12"